Zara meets Jacquie when she is rehearsing for A-Troupe auditions. Zara commends Jacquie's performance but thinks she can match her, thinking that it would be fun if the two could dance together on A-Troupe.[1]

Zara does not interact with Jacquie again until she expresses her excitement for their chance to have a hip-hop solo in the routine for the Regionals qualifier video. Jacquie is the one who shows Zara that she has to choose between math and dance, although she does not know that Zara is a mathlete. When Zara gets the solo over her, she is thrilled and happy that Jacquie is congratulatory, despite being disappointed.[2]

When Noah enlists the A-Troupers to brainstorm ideas for the Regionals qualifier video, Zara and Jacquie brainstorm together. After Richelle steals their idea, Zara and Jacquie confront her about it. Later, when Zara's hip-hop solo gets replaced by Richelle's pointe solo, Jacquie stands up for Zara, despite not having much to do with who gets the solo.[3]


Zara and Josh's friendship is ignited by a dance-off after which Zara is complimentary of Josh's dancing.[4]

When Zara arrives late for practice, Josh expresses concern for her, especially after she claims that her parents had a flat tire; Josh confesses that he knows Zara takes the bus, exemplifying a level of knowledge about her. Zara confides in Josh about her status as a mathlete, which he is amazed by; he is the only person whom she tells. Due to his knowledge of her math competitions, she reveals to him about her math quarter final, resulting in him being the only person to discover that her math quarter final and the dance battle conflict.[5] Although Josh reveals this to Emily against Zara's wishes for the benefit of both the team and Zara, she does not get angry at him; their friendship continues without conflict.[6]

Zara continues to maintain a healthy friendship with Josh.



Initially, Zara and Richelle have no friendship whatsoever. However, Richelle develops a vehement hatred for Zara after Zara wins the solo for the qualifier video over Richelle and treats her with outright malice thereafter, although Zara initially does not realize that Richelle holds such a grudge against her.[2] Zara proposes that they team up in creating a concept for the video, showing that she has no idea how resentful Richelle is towards her. Zara is indignant when, after having derided her idea for the video, Richelle steals her idea anyway. Zara is disappointed when her hip-hop solo is replaced by Richelle's pointe solo.[3]

Despite this disappointment, Zara is both shocked and horrified that Richelle believes her to be the person who broke the shank of her pointe shoe. Zara attempts to tell Richelle her alibi, to no avail. When Richelle discovers that Lola is the real culprit, she does not apologize or make any attempt to make amends to Zara, nor does she even tell her that Lola did the deed. However, Zara does not treat her any differently than she previously did, even though Richelle had been immensely about the prospect of Zara getting kicked out of the studio and her dance career being over, the natural result that would occur if she were to convince Emily of Zara's alleged wrongdoing.[7]



Zara and Marcus have been rivals on the math team since Grade 1. After Zara makes the decision to leave the math team, Marcus taunts and derides her but nonetheless thanks her, seeing as it has resulted in him assuming her position of captain. Their rivalry appears to continue despite Zara having left the team.[2]


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